Garden Design

The garden design studio works on a broad range of projects from small courtyards to country estates, commercial projects, and sensory gardens. Our dedicated and passionate team strives to consider the specific needs of each client, bringing you a beautiful and functional garden design.

Combining creativity, our 25 years of experience, and technical knowledge, we offer you a bespoke garden design. Our goal is to create gardens that can be enjoyed all year round and make them an effortless extension of the home or facility.

Design Process

1. Consultation

The first step is a site visit and initial consultation. The aim here is to get a feel for the existing space by taking the garden measurements and topography which captures both the layout of the site as well as all levels and utilities. We offer an online design service with a similar process that optimizes this stage. In addition, we will send you a questionnaire that will help us to understand your needs and what kind of garden style you like.

2. Concept Design

Following this, we will send you the first concept as a hand drawn sketch focusing on the layout, rather than specific details. After your approval, we will proceed to the 3D stage to support and refine the concept.

3. Develop Design

After the concept design has been agreed upon, we will propose the materials, spatial arrangements, and locations, as well as a planting palette with the general character of the planting. 3D imagery is developed further to give a real sense of space.

4. Technical Design

Once the design is approved, technical drawings are developed. These include setting out plans, hardscape plan, landscaping plan, level plans and cross sections, as well as any necessary details for structural engineer sign off.

5. Planting Plan

We will create a planting scheme that shows the locations of all the proposed plants, along with a plant schedule listing exact names, and quantities used for costing, ordering and setting out plants. A moldboard of all plants is included so that you get a feel for the look we are aiming to achieve, and a maintenance schedule is supplied.

6. Construction

This is where you bring projects to life and the hard work begins.


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